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#201 - No Competition by Evilgoddss

What if the horcrux in Harry's scar hadn't quite been as contained by the Blood Wards as Dumbledore planned. Rather than twisting Harry's personality, it darkened his aura. And the dark creatures of the magical world really liked that aura. Gee. Sucks to be a Dark Lord trying to make your comeback. VERY AU. Just for fun.
69157 words in 9 chapters
published 2015-03-20 13:36:54, updated 2017-11-14 01:18:31

#202 - The Evil Overlord List by boomvroomshroom

Villains always make the same dumb mistakes. Luckily, Tom Riddle happens to have a rather dangerously genre-savvy friend in his head to make sure that he does this "conquering the world" business the RIGHT way. It's about time the bad guys won for once.
106930 words in 23 chapters
published 2015-01-15 04:55:19, updated 2019-08-17 18:15:21

#203 - Circular Reasoning by Swimdraconian

Torn from a desolate future, Harry awakens in his teenage body with a hefty debt on his soul. Entangled in his lies and unable to trust even his own fraying sanity, he struggles to stay ahead of his enemies. Desperation is the new anthem of violence.
282117 words in 29 chapters
published 2005-11-28 23:21:05, updated 2023-06-16 22:22:42

#204 - The Green in the Grey by TheBlack'sResurgence

A prophecy left unfulfilled, a family torn apart by repercussions of war and one child left to a life of neglect. But there were those not content to allow this to pass. Harry Potter may have been abandoned at the end of the war but he will rise to be more than any could have imagined. Minimal bashing, rated M for violence etc. Harry/Tonks, James/Lily Main plot begins GOF
316098 words in 23 chapters
published 2018-03-31 13:37:37, updated 2020-11-15 19:48:48

#205 - Inheritance (Worm AU, Butcher!Taylor) by Pendragoon

Taylor's first night out goes horrifically wrong and she winds up with fourteen voices in her head after an accident, leaving her as Butcher XV. This certainly complicates her planned Heroic career but sometimes you have to take refuge in audacity.
328026 words in 42 chapters
published 2023-03-14 05:06:23, updated 2024-04-01 09:57:32

#206 - Relic of the Future by Coeur Al'Aran

Victory can prove bitter, especially when you're the only one alive to see it. With the world in chaos and everyone he ever loved dead, Jaune Arc makes a deal with the devil for one last chance to go back and change it all. But devils don't play by the same rules as humans, and Salem never did say how far back he'd go. Or how much deeper the war between her and Ozpin really went.
1121363 words in 176 chapters
published 2018-03-10 11:36:10, updated 2021-11-13 11:36:05

#207 - Taylor Varga by mp3.1415player

Taylor has a bad day that ends in a locker. Everyone has heard that one. It goes somewhat differently after that, as her call for help is answered by something from a lot further away than one might expect… A story in which Taylor makes a very large friend, the world gets confused, and Danny comes into his own.
2058592 words in 432 chapters
published 2017-03-14 17:56:37, updated 2022-01-25 21:53:36

#208 - The Thief of Hogwarts by bluminous8

Summary: AU Young Harry learns to steal as he is fed up from his deprivation of his wants and needs by his guardians. A Thief is born in Privet Drive.
105046 words in 19 chapters
published 2009-07-08 05:01:25, updated 2010-06-22 17:31:41

#209 - A Discordant Note by Noodlehammer

It only takes a single disharmonious element to throw off the entire composition. Fifty years before Robert Baratheon was to ascend the Iron Throne, Westeros receives one hell of a bad musician. Harry never did care about any player other than himself.
351549 words in 28 chapters
published 2018-08-13 20:37:47, updated 2020-09-20 08:20:52

#210 - Can't Have It Both Ways by robst

If you are forced to participate in a competition that's reserved for adults only, doesn't that mean you should be considered an adult? Harry gets some much needed help and advice before having some fun by allowing his marauder heritage out to play. H/Hr
106352 words in 16 chapters
published 2009-09-26 15:07:42, updated 2010-02-14 11:48:16

#211 - The Best Revenge by Arsinoe de Blassenville

AU. Yes, the old Snape retrieves Harry from the Dursleys formula. I just had to write one. Everything changes, because the best revenge is living well. T for Mentor Snape's occasional naughty language. Supportive Minerva. Over three million hits!
213669 words in 47 chapters
published 2009-03-09 12:18:41, updated 2011-09-10 11:48:19

#212 - Simply Irresistible by bookworm1993

Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover." "I'm sorry what?" "You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible."
77494 words in 30 chapters
published 2009-11-09 01:59:55, updated 2012-10-21 19:48:46

#213 - Familial Adventure (DanMachi/Gamer SI) by thebrute7

[NSFW] - Familial Adventure (DanMachi/Gamer SI) by thebrute7
134599 words in 47 chapters
published 2021-02-04 08:06:00, updated 2021-12-03 02:00:00

#214 - The Heiress of Slytherin by Peanutbuttertoast

Hermione is Sorted into Slytherin and is taunted by her Housemates… particularly Draco Malfoy who succeeds in alienating the little witch from not just Slytherin House but the entirety of Hogwarts. But what happens when Hermione finds out just whom her real father is? And how will she prove her worth?
209335 words in 100 chapters
published 2018-12-01 05:00:00, updated 2019-04-30 04:00:00

#215 - Implacable by billymorph

After triggering with a far more obvious power and getting into a knock down fight with Sophia in the halls of Winslow, Taylor is press-ganged into the Wards. It might have been tolerable, she was only on probation for six months, but she'd rather burn the whole organisation to the ground than spend one full minute on a team with Shadow Stalker.
43878 words in 12 chapters
published 2020-04-13 20:43:17, updated 2021-08-01 08:00:13

#216 - The Spider by I'mjusttryingtofindmyway

Waking up in a hero's body is one thing, being a hero is another. SI, where Peter Parker's body is taken over and the new owner realizes the world needs a hero, it needs a Spider-man. Fully using Peter's genius, the new Spider-man finds a balance between being a hero and a teenager. Will include MCEU and more. REVIEWS!
818034 words in 98 chapters
published 2017-07-29 13:11:18, updated 2021-01-17 09:15:39

#217 - ENIYA's Story Gacha Hell ft. Truck-sama (Ideas and Snippets) by ENIYA

I swear, this will stay a snippet, plot bunny and discussion threat… honest!To affirm my…
922178 words in 241 chapters
published 2018-09-06 03:07:10, updated 2024-03-09 19:52:04

#218 - Naruto: Myoushuu no Fuuin by May Wren

A seal had managed to defeat and imprison the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the strongest demon to ever exist. It was just ink on paper-or a stomach, as the case may be-and it held so much power… 'Yeah,' Naruto decided 'I gotta get me some of that.'
92529 words in 9 chapters
published 2011-01-28 23:22:14, updated 2012-07-16 23:05:56

#219 - The Bracelet by AkashaTheKitty

Hermione has everything she could possibly want… Except a life. People are getting sick of her superior attitude, especially Draco Malfoy, who schemes to get her down, once and for all. And then there's the thing with The Bracelet… 7th year AR. COMPLETE SINCE 2009 XD
303727 words in 103 chapters
published 2007-12-07 01:01:46, updated 2010-07-07 20:29:29

#220 - Uncommon Wealth (Fallout 4) by arg3nt

[NSFW] - Uncommon Wealth (Fallout 4) by arg3nt
314900 words in 187 chapters
published 2021-09-02 04:43:00, updated 2023-01-06 10:49:00

#221 - An Aunt's Love by Emma Lipardi

Harry comes home from school and Petunia is upset at the change in her nephew. Petunia decides to do what she should have been doing all along. Dumbledore had better stay away. Petunia Dursley is upset. Warnings on profile.
385033 words in 77 chapters
published 2004-12-30 17:34:15, updated 2022-06-26 01:21:05

#222 - A Horse For the Force by Vimesenthusiast

Ranma overhears some things that make him question his life in Nerima, then goes to see Dr. Tofu for some answers. While fighting those that came after him, Ranma makes a crazy decision, using the Nanban Mirror to get away from everyone chasing him. Only to land on a random planet in a Galaxy Far Far away before the events of Phantom Menace. Chaos, meet well laid plans… uhoh…
1292668 words in 32 chapters
published 2015-10-25 00:57:55, updated 2023-06-25 12:41:52

#223 - Forging the Sword by Myst Shadow

::Year 2 Divergence:: What does it take, to reshape a child? And if reshaped, what then is formed? Down in the Chamber, a choice is made. (Harry's Gryffindor traits were always so much scarier than other peoples'.)
152578 words in 15 chapters
published 2007-05-26 10:36:28, updated 2014-08-20 02:09:55

#224 - Predatory (Worm/Marvel) by sinereal

[NSFW] - Predatory (Worm/Marvel) by sinereal
254099 words in 27 chapters
published 2021-05-06 09:54:00, updated 2022-01-14 18:20:00

#225 - With Sprinkles by dogbertcarroll

Instant death or being granted a wish by a certain demon lord, decisions, decisions, decisions. Xander Harris makes an incautious wish and now has to deal with the consequences. Not exactly the road trip he was planning on taking, but there certainly is a lot of sights to see.
121755 words in 40 chapters
published 2017-04-13 17:36:58, updated 2024-04-19 19:57:57

#226 - Heroes Assemble! by Stargon1

After five years travelling the world, Harry Potter has landed in New York. He figures that there's no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life. If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. Begins just before the Avengers movie and continues through the MCU. Encompasses MCU movies & TV, some others along the way.
603414 words in 128 chapters
published 2017-01-04 22:01:41, updated 2020-02-05 19:17:24

#227 - Harry Potter and the Rejected Path by zArkham

After one taunt too many by Draco & learning of dark things while possessed, Harry refuses to play his part anymore. Into this comes Luna with her own dark story to tell. They shall both get revenge and shake magical Britain before the end. - Harry/Multi
414962 words in 33 chapters
published 2010-10-05 18:50:02, updated 2020-03-02 06:15:10

#228 - Dream of Eternity (Bloodborne start/Gamer/Jumpchain: currently One Punch Man!) by SlaaneshSaysHi

AN at the bottom. Warnings for Eldritch text…
1394027 words in 125 chapters
published 2020-10-21 20:32:43, updated 2024-05-06 16:05:39

#229 - Rise of the Wizards by Teufel1987

Voldemort's attempt at possessing Harry had a different outcome when Harry fought back with the "Power He Knows Not". This set a change in motion that shall affect both Wizards and Muggles. AU after fifth year: Featuring a darkish and manipulative Harry
479930 words in 51 chapters
published 2010-08-20 08:28:03, updated 2014-04-04 13:42:05

#230 - The Vanishing Cabinet Of Time by Vance McGill

After Ron betrays them, Harry and Hermione find themselves in the Room of Requirement during the Battle of Hogwarts. In danger, Harry and Hermione hide in the Vanishing Cabinet - which abruptly throws them back in time to the end of their third year at Hogwarts, in their younger bodies. ON HIATUS.
243809 words in 41 chapters
published 2015-03-19 07:42:12, updated 2015-08-22 09:34:31

#231 - The Life and Times by Jewels5

She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time.
613762 words in 36 chapters
published 2009-07-08 18:49:25, updated 2013-08-30 22:29:19

#232 - The Legacy by storytellerSpW

A book left by Sirius opens Harry's eyes as he delves into the mysteries of magic, learns about the realities of a war, and shifts towards the Grey. Meanwhile, Daphne Greengrass is faced with an unusual solution that involves the Boy-Who-Lived, but could be more trouble than it's worth. And in the end, there is always a price to be paid for everything. HP/DG Contract, 6-7th year
752246 words in 86 chapters
published 2013-10-18 07:19:37, updated 2022-10-21 16:23:23

#233 - The Well Groomed Mind by Lady Khali

On Halloween 1994, Harry learns his mind isn't his own. On Samhain morn, he vows to question everything. Armed with logic and an unlikely ally, Harry makes a last ditch bid to reclaim his life. The goal: survive at all costs.
193050 words in 30 chapters
published 2012-05-30 01:58:31, updated 2017-12-30 21:20:13

#234 - Narcissa's Chance by ReluctantSidekick

Thrust back in time Harry wants to destroy Voldemort. Narcissa Black wants a better life than marriage to Lucius. Time Traveling Harry Potter goodness. HP/NM HP/BL unrequited HP/MM
156262 words in 51 chapters
published 2018-03-16 05:12:13, updated 2020-01-12 08:27:07

#235 - Harry Potter and A Galaxy Far Far Away by kossboss

A small change had Harry slowly absorbing memories from Voldemort's soul shard in his head after the battle in the Chamber of Secrets. Follow him as those memories lead him to an escape from the Wizarding World and an adventure in a whole new reality with spaceships and space wizards. Grey/Smart/Powerful Harry. Slow Build Up.
257980 words in 15 chapters
published 2020-12-14 16:15:57, updated 2023-10-23 22:03:18

#236 - Rebuilding by Colubrina

Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts to help rebuild the shattered castle the summer after the war. She and the other summer resident - and eventually their friends - have to come to terms with how the war broke more than just the walls of the building. Follows multiple Hogwarts students through '8th year' and one additional year of early adulthood. COMPLETE.
263336 words in 300 chapters
published 2015-08-10 21:30:36, updated 2016-05-11 23:41:38

#237 - Last Second Savior by plums

While leading the final charge against a retreating Dark Lord, Harry is thrown through a destabilized Demon Portal, landing on a strange world in a galaxy far far away. Eventual Harry / Multi
123003 words in 10 chapters
published 2013-03-04 08:05:55, updated 2016-01-23 20:21:35

#238 - A Cadmean Victory by DarknessEnthroned

In the aftermath of a peaceful summer comes the Goblet of Fire and the chance of a quiet year to improve himself, but Harry Potter and the Quiet Revision Year was never going to last. A more mature, darker Harry, bearing the effects of 11 years of virtual solitude. GoF AU. There will be romance… eventually. Remastered and sequel ongoing!
520374 words in 104 chapters
published 2015-08-14 13:05:38, updated 2020-10-15 08:54:38

#239 - Camera Shy [Alt-Power] by TheGreatGimmick

Different circumstances cause Taylor to gain different powers and left her blinded in the aftermath. Now she must learn to be independent, both as a blind person in her civilian life and as an 'independent hero' in her cape life. This would have been a bit easier if only certain new villains hadn't cropped up around the same time… whose powers seem suspiciously correlated with her own.
260436 words in 37 chapters
published 2024-05-16 13:38:58, updated 2024-04-11 21:01:55

#240 - It's All Uncharted by redhead414

"Are you ready?" she asked. Draco brushed the back of his hand against her forehead before tracing it down her cheek. "I was ready the moment you came back into my life, Granger. Are you ready?" "With you," she whispered, "I'm ready for anything."
232163 words in 38 chapters
published 2011-09-19 20:48:34, updated 2012-01-22 23:40:30

#241 - Go Away I'm Watching Porn by Third Fang

Issei Hyoudou is the Sekiryutei. Not many people knew how powerful he is, or what he's done. And he's perfectly fine with that. He's done with people. All he wants to do is sit back, relax, and watch porn without being bothered by school or homework or devils or fallen angels or annoying conspiracies and why the hell won't they just leave him alone already! Perv OP Issei Harem.
458517 words in 27 chapters
published 2017-01-23 05:20:59, updated 2023-09-17 01:58:45

#242 - Industrious (Thread II) - (Naruto AU/SI Inspired Inventor) by Slayer Anderson

Thread Migration Complete!Due to problems with the Xenforo Version 1 plugin which controls…
172591 words in 54 chapters
published 2023-07-13 03:50:31, updated 2024-04-10 04:38:32

#243 - Heavy Lies the Crown by luckei1

For seven years, Draco has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, and just when he thinks he'll be released, something happens that will make him seek help from the last person he could have imagined.
289967 words in 36 chapters
published 2009-01-17 07:21:41, updated 2011-02-12 01:20:04

#244 - Purple Days (ASOIAF Joffrey Timeloop) (AU) by baurus

Blurb: From one day to the other, Joffrey Baratheon wakes up a changed man. Far from the spoiled…
823669 words in 119 chapters
published 2020-01-02 23:31:11, updated 2021-05-31 23:40:43

#245 - Bhaalson Remodel by Vimesenthusiast

Locked in a room at Durzkaban for the summer, Harry's depressed and bored with neither of his friends contacting him, and unable to leave his room except for chores. Boredom and junk left by his cousin conspire and Harry tries to repair a computer to escape via games. With 'help' from Borgin and Dobby's magic, this sends him to a new life in a videogame world. Gamer fic, HP/TBD.
536408 words in 14 chapters
published 2020-11-27 01:43:17, updated 2024-05-01 01:35:21

#246 - The Lie I've Lived by jbern

Not all of James died that night. Not all of Harry lived. The Triwizard Tournament as it should have been and a hero discovering who he really wants to be.
234571 words in 24 chapters
published 2007-02-09 17:40:24, updated 2009-05-29 03:10:21

#247 - You're my Density by robst

Just Suppose Harry hadn't heeded his godfather's advice, and actually lost his temper at his trial? Time travel fic and title is 'Back to the Future' joke.
237193 words in 33 chapters
published 2015-02-09 21:40:33, updated 2016-07-09 15:32:43

#248 - No Hurry At All by robst

Remus was so shocked at seeing Sirius fall through the veil that Harry had raced past him before the boy's intentions even registered with the werewolf. Screaming "Sirius!" Harry followed his godfather into the veil before anyone could stop him. H/Hr
126691 words in 19 chapters
published 2011-02-18 19:14:34, updated 2011-08-03 17:23:01

#249 - we stand together by Aohd

A man inserted into the world of ice and fire and is given the choices of new faces within that world. Contains: (M/M) (F/M) (F/F)
48353 words in 24 chapters
published 2020-11-02 03:08:29, updated 2022-05-12 02:05:54

#250 - Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap by Seel'vor

Harry Potter won the Second Blood War and defeated his enemies… and was left with nothing. Decades later, he contributes to the creation of a revolutionary new piece of technology and destroys the future in order to rewrite his own past…
274521 words in 42 chapters
published 2007-12-17 20:25:34, updated 2010-10-28 13:08:11

#251 - Static by galfoy

The Order rescued Draco and Lucius Malfoy after Lord Voldemort turned on them. All the safe houses are full, and Hermione Granger is the only one who can take them in. Will she agree after having suffered a drastic nervous breakdown?
75632 words in 21 chapters
published 2011-09-06 23:41:14, updated 2011-09-23 12:21:45

#252 - The Boy Who Lived, The Brightest Witch and The Boy Who Wasn't by dragonfly117

A single conversation between Hermione and Neville in November of their fourth year changed the course of Harry's friendships forever. Eventual HHr.
262095 words in 37 chapters
published 2020-05-26 04:55:51, updated 2023-06-22 03:55:46

#253 - The Shard Shrouded in Shadows: the tale of Arcanotech Artificer by theirishdreamer

This a Shard off my D&D Shrouded Lord Stories put into Worm as a Scout, an Artificer, and perhaps an Assasin…
359728 words in 205 chapters
published 2020-12-10 16:42:41, updated 2023-02-04 17:17:33

#254 - Wake-up Call [Worm, Smugbug, Yuri, Bondage, Monogamy, Polyamory] by Agrippa

[NSFW] - Wake-up Call [Worm] by Agrippa
490152 words in 117 chapters
published 2021-08-05 15:38:00, updated 2024-02-14 02:55:00

#255 - Issei - The Gaming Gear by SeerKing

Getting the [Boosted Gear] is expected for Issei. What if he gained it a month early and another one as well? Let the Games Begin… IsseiXHarem (if it wasn't, it wouldn't be DXD). Now has a TVTropes page!
203654 words in 22 chapters
published 2016-03-27 02:39:03, updated 2024-03-13 08:59:26

#256 - The Lion Cub (HP SI) by Dragonspectre01

Harry Potter stumbled through his life because others laid out a carefully planned path and treated Harry as a pawn since he was born. What happens when there is a Harry that refuses to accept fate? What happens when all those carefully laid plans of his enemies and allies alike go up in smoke?
324527 words in 94 chapters
published 2021-03-04 16:18:15, updated 2024-05-17 16:00:35

#257 - Manager by Seraviel

AN: One of the many worm ideas going around in my head. Just seeing if writing forum-style will…
203568 words in 87 chapters
published 2018-12-27 01:40:39, updated 2019-11-06 04:47:21

#258 - A Champion's New Hope by Rocag

Beginning during the Goblet of Fire, Harry looks to different friends for support after both Ron and Hermione refuse to believe that he did not put his name in the Goblet. Including one unexpected friend: Daphne Greengrass.
274401 words in 52 chapters
published 2009-07-24 17:58:46, updated 2010-07-23 15:44:14

#259 - The Last Casualties by muggledad

"Lily, it's him! Take Harry and run!" It began the same way, but ended in a very different way. This change caused life instead of death for many. Life altering changes provide the Power The Dark Lord Knows Not. J/L, H/Hr
386442 words in 32 chapters
published 2011-02-27 00:36:05, updated 2017-09-17 12:04:49

#260 - Never Grow A Wishbone by ShanaStoryteller

She almost smiles, and true alarm starts to build in his chest. “I’m afraid I’m not here for something so small. Professor Roberts has resigned.”“Good,” Draco says honestly, “Would you like a list of suitable alternatives? I know a number of competent potions masters abroad, but then of course you’d have to hire another teacher to act as the Slytherin head. I’m afraid you’ve dried up all the half decent Slytherin Potions masters.”“Not all of them,” she says quietly.He blinks. She can’t be serious. “You can’t be serious.”“Gravely,” she says, “Mr. Malfoy, I am not above begging.”What the bloody fuck. “I don’t even like potions!”Draco returns to Hogwarts.He has a duty to his blood and his name and his house, and he will fulfill it.
123544 words in 25 chapters
published 2016-09-12 04:00:00, updated 2020-05-29 04:00:00

#261 - The Reclamation of Black Magic by ShayaLonnie

Harry Potter's family isn't only at Number 4 Privet Drive. Unaware to even Dumbledore, an upheaval is approaching. The Ancient and Noble House of Black is reclaiming their power and changing the future of the magical world. *Updated Sporadically-Not Abandoned*
199026 words in 39 chapters
published 2016-07-19 19:38:37, updated 2019-03-14 23:57:46

#262 - Sympathetic Properties by Mr Norrell

Having been treated as a servant his entire life, Harry is more sympathetic when Dobby arrives, avoiding Vernon's wrath and gaining a bit of freedom. That freedom changes his summer, his life, and the world forever. A very long character-driven story that likes to play with canon.
631030 words in 46 chapters
published 2014-12-24 13:46:51, updated 2020-08-02 09:08:11

#263 - Animagus at War by White Squirrel

Sequel to The Accidental Animagus. Voldemort's back, and this time, he's not alone. Harry and his family are caught in the middle as the wizarding war goes international. Years 5-7.
223563 words in 35 chapters
published 2016-08-06 13:11:21, updated 2023-11-20 13:57:21

#264 - Realizations by Wishweaver

Harry returns to Privet Drive after 4th year and finds it… empty! What do you do when you can't go to your friends for help? Additional Story Notes FYI: a. AU Summer before Fifth Year Fic, b. Not particularly fast paced.
264047 words in 36 chapters
published 2003-03-06 22:56:23, updated 2010-11-17 03:01:37

#265 - Harry Potter & the Curse's Cure by Dragon-Raptor

After the events of the DOM Harry & co return for the last week of term. But then Draco puts a curse on Harry that never been cured before. Can Hermione free him, with a little help from her other friends? eventual HarryHarem
382170 words in 49 chapters
published 2010-07-31 06:08:10, updated 2014-11-01 06:51:07

#266 - Drifting by AlphaDelta1001

Naruto is many things; troublesome, wild, unpredictable, adventurous, untamable, unique. But there's a benefit to being wild and unpredictable; no one has the faintest idea what you're going to do next. NarutoHarem
1101134 words in 52 chapters
published 2012-12-26 02:03:43, updated 2018-02-17 02:35:24

#267 - A Second Chance at Life by Miranda Flairgold

When Voldemort’s assassins find him Harry flees seeking a place to prepare for the battle. Bloodmagic, wandlessmagic, necromancy, fae, a thunderbird, demons, vampires. Harry finds the strength & allies to win a war. Singularly unique fic.
251462 words in 35 chapters
published 2005-07-17 19:23:32, updated 2006-07-23 06:19:23

#268 - Ghost in the City. Cyberpunk Gamer SI by Seras

Waking up in a cyberpunk dystopia can be hard. Especially if your body just woke up from a coma and you can't walk. Luckily you found this weird shard that might just solve your problems. Or create them. Gamer SI, but much more skewed towards a slice of life story.Posting Schedule every three days at 10am MST. (Or AZ time if Daylight Savings is active.)Also available on AO3. Or on Royal Road.Title art by The-AnonyM0US3-Otaku
711760 words in 186 chapters
published 2023-10-10 01:39:04, updated 2024-05-20 17:00:05

#269 - Great Grand-Uncle Schimmelhorn's Toolbox by mp3.1415player

The life of the Heberts changes rather a lot when Danny and Taylor use the rarest superpower of all and actually communicate with each other. Of course things go a little weird when in the process of this they poke around in the attic and come across Papa Schimmelhorn's old toolbox… Turns out Taylor has something of a knack. Probably runs in the family.
367933 words in 48 chapters
published 2022-07-24 12:13:36, updated 2024-05-02 14:58:43

#270 - Written in the Stars by TheBlack'sResurgence

With Sirius locked in Azkaban for betraying the Potters, Albus Dumbledore sees no other choice but to place young Harry with his muggle relatives. Much to the headmaster's surprise, however, another lays claim to the boy and though he attempts to prevent it, Harry Potter will be raised by the last of his magical family, but not one bearing the Potter name… Durmstrang story
391062 words in 58 chapters
published 2022-09-27 00:07:52, updated 2024-04-18 19:49:52

#271 - Fortune Favors: Quaint Quandary (Multidimensional Merchant Youkai SI) by Flameclaws

I Don't Own anything.'thought'"Speech""Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper… when…
105299 words in 19 chapters
published 2023-08-19 19:04:12, updated 2024-05-16 04:38:21

#272 - The Essence of Fire (Essence CYOA) by Setras

[NSFW] - The Essence of Fire (Essence CYOA) by Setras
116642 words in 19 chapters
published 2022-12-26 10:58:00, updated 2024-01-20 07:41:00

#273 - Effects and Side Effects by Pheonix Dawn

Voldemort didn't like what happened at the Department of Mysteries and viewed the connection as a liability he could no longer afford. The steps he took changed Harry's life forever, and set him on the path to victory. Fem Harry. Harry.Multi.
453769 words in 37 chapters
published 2008-10-20 06:09:47, updated 2015-12-31 07:45:41

#274 - Harry Potter and the Children of Change by T. E. Tanglebrooke

A 73 year old Harry dies in a tragic accident and finds himself in his 15 month old body again. Young!Tonks HP/NT/HG. currently year 3 Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the universe he finds himself in.
287371 words in 62 chapters
published 2011-02-21 19:08:19, updated 2015-09-08 20:12:03

#275 - Saving Connor by Lightning on the Wave

AU, eventual HPDM slash, very Slytherin!Harry. Harry's twin Connor is the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is devoted to protecting him by making himself look ordinary. But certain people won't let Harry stay in the shadows… COMPLETE
81263 words in 22 chapters
published 2005-09-15 15:52:42, updated 2005-10-05 23:32:50

#276 - In Nuclear Fire by Poliamida

SI following the concept of Tinker of Fiction started by @Monk Penguin in his thread Tinker of Fiction (Worm/Sort of Crossover)
638086 words in 107 chapters
published 2020-06-05 20:20:55, updated 2023-05-07 12:50:54

#277 - Life in Konoha's ANBU by Shezza

ANBU!Naruto. Drafted into ANBU at a young age, Naruto is guided to the path of a Captain. Leader of Team Sigma, the Hokage's Personal Guard, Naruto will lead his team and defend his Village to the best of his ability. Threats besiege the Land of Fire from all sides, and only Naruto stands before them…
370954 words in 53 chapters
published 2012-04-01 11:21:54, updated 2016-08-06 13:46:52

#278 - Lady of the Lake by Colubrina

Hermione and Draco team up after the war to overthrow the Order and take over wizarding Britain. They have plans and they'll get power, but the cost of victory may be higher than they expected and more than they can bear. Dark Dramione. COMPLETE
183705 words in 50 chapters
published 2014-08-29 12:41:56, updated 2015-06-08 01:36:36

#279 - A Different Halloween by robst

Could a chance meeting change history? What would a different Halloween in 1981 mean for wizarding Britain?
124549 words in 20 chapters
published 2010-10-31 09:36:07, updated 2012-05-26 20:07:15

#280 - Empress Ascendant by Unruly Marmite

The Emperor wasn't sure how he ended up in a different universe, or what the parasite leeching off Humanity was. But he was the guardian of Mankind, and there was at least one person on this world worthy of taking up his mantle.
457370 words in 40 chapters
published 2017-05-12 20:25:33, updated 2024-03-21 18:46:12

#281 - Lex Marks The Spot by dogbertcarroll

YAHF: The Other Side of the Coin. Xander Harris finds himself inside Lex Luthor's body in the DC Universe. He's sure his friends will eventually rescue him, so he decides to toss a few monkey wrenches into the workings of the universe while he's there. Everyone has to have a hobby after all.
94207 words in 35 chapters
published 2017-06-01 13:26:34, updated 2023-04-27 00:51:08

#282 - Common Sense by Stone Elbow

An 8-year-old Naruto sneaks into the library and finds a thin little book titled "How To Be a Ninja", authored by his hero, the Yondaime. Everything in the book is just common sense: a trait that no one in the Elemental Countries seems to have. Four years later, a Kage-level shinobi becomes a genin…
71134 words in 10 chapters
published 2017-09-10 23:28:46, updated 2020-11-14 14:42:15

#283 - Who Dares Wins by OlegGunnarsson

A Harry Potter who grew up studying military tactics and strategy uses the attack on the Ministry as an opportunity to lay an ambush of his own - only to learn that his parents are still alive, as well as a twin brother whom Dumbledore calls the true boy-who-lived. And then, things get complicated. Military!Harry. A subversion of DZ2's Prodigal Son Challenge.
183705 words in 32 chapters
published 2019-01-19 08:32:14, updated 2022-04-25 19:23:43

#284 - Making Waves by Vimesenthusiast

After realizing how bored his life is and getting some good advice, Ranma accidentally eats the age reducing mushrooms, after which he is sent through a portal by Gosunkugi screwing up more than usual. Found by the ancient water dragon Typhon and with no way to return he moves on with his life in this strange new land of Earth Land changing quite a lot LOL. Pairings undecided.
1249062 words in 36 chapters
published 2018-05-15 03:00:23, updated 2024-05-13 02:42:01

#285 - With Another Ring by dogbertcarroll

In the tradition of Zoat's 'With This Ring' an SI with a power ring appears in orbit around DC's Earth wearing just what they'd worn to bed. This was not a danger of sleeping naked he'd expected.
50297 words in 17 chapters
published 2021-03-03 22:15:12, updated 2023-11-06 07:36:57

#286 - A Nascent Kaleidoscope (Fate/DxD/Multi) by AStoryForOne

Author's Note: First time posting on QQ and related websites. I apologize ahead of time for any…
1894826 words in 513 chapters
published 2022-09-07 22:31:12, updated 2024-05-17 07:09:16

#287 - Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo by AkumaKami64

The Force often works in strange ways. That was never truer when Darth Vader, not Anakin Skywalker, found himself on Naboo during the Trade Federation occupation. How is the Republic to react to a Sith Lord that has committed no crime and is aiding Queen Amidala? And did I mention Vader wasn't the only one brought along the ride? No, it's not Luke or Leia.
208950 words in 41 chapters
published 2016-01-13 03:45:52, updated 2023-03-27 04:45:04

#288 - The Breeding Ground by megamatt09

A long running anthology featuring Harry Potter and a variety of women from different fandoms(including his own) in naughty situations. Latest Chapter on 6/23/2023 features Talisa Maegyr from the Game of Thrones.
1777077 words in 680 chapters
published 2015-10-25 21:45:59, updated 2023-06-23 21:51:16

#289 - Son of Potter, Daughter of Black by DaSalvatore

Harry felt he had lost his chance at family after watching Sirius fly away only for his godfather to show up during the summer. Sirius teaches Harry what he needs to know, helping him become the true Lord Potter. Then the Tri-Wiz comes and the deepest, darkest secret of the Marauders is revealed - Harry was born the daughter of Lily and Sirius. Eventual Fem!HarryxTonks
287095 words in 35 chapters
published 2015-12-06 18:29:53, updated 2023-03-06 11:13:05

#290 - The Overpowered Gamer by PercyPendragon3

AU. Lily Potter Lives! On one ordinary day something extraordinary happens. A nearly ten years old Harry Potter wakes up with the power of the Gamer. He is chosen to be the first gamer in his world. And he decides to become lvl 100 before he even begins Hogwarts. Ambitious much? At least now we can guess his Hogwarts house. Harry/multi. Incest! Grey but good MC.
383681 words in 66 chapters
published 2021-12-03 15:07:07, updated 2023-09-03 13:25:15

#291 - Vice Bunker (Worm/Worm Lewd CYOA, SI, Commission) by Vagabond

Commissioned by Definitely not DioVice BunkerChapter 1-VB-Taylor stared at the Case-53…
64451 words in 45 chapters
published 2022-07-01 21:39:50, updated 2024-05-12 00:55:42

#292 - Ah, Screw It! by mjimeyg

Harry goes to sleep after the final battle… but he wakes up at his first Welcoming Feast under the Sorting Hat. Harry has been thrown back in time into his eleven-year-old body. If he's going to have suffer through this again, he's going to do all he can to make sure he enjoys himself.
229619 words in 37 chapters
published 2016-08-29 23:34:15, updated 2016-09-16 04:06:40

#293 - The Black Family's PR Nightmare by elphabalives17

Cassiopeia Black may prefer research to family politics, but she refuses to allow her family name to be ruined after the events of fall 1981. With the help of a routine obsessed house elf, Cassiopeia sets out to spin the Black family's largest PR nightmare in 100 years with a lot of old magic, some luck, and her Squib brother's family… the Grangers.
234709 words in 72 chapters
published 2020-07-15 12:26:23, updated 2023-12-26 19:27:45

#294 - Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own by Sashian

Harry has a great memory, photographic even. He remembers everything even the day he was born. Every sight, sound, smell or touch he remembers with crystal clarity and he has power from the moment he is born. And whats up with Hedwig? All chapters edited for spelling, grammar, and some content. You may want to re-read it.
182168 words in 26 chapters
published 2009-08-05 05:19:04, updated 2018-01-01 06:35:24

#295 - Harry Potter and the Stitch in Time by lowten

when Sirius makes his escape on Buckbeak at the end of Harry's third year he stops by potter manor looking for a safe place to lay low for a few days. What, or better yet who he finds there will change the path of Harry's life forever. a harry/Hermione fic that will take place primarily during their fourth year
250699 words in 52 chapters
published 2022-07-20 13:00:10, updated 2024-05-15 19:52:37

#296 - Post Tenebras, Lux by Loten

"After Darkness, Light." A chance meeting ten years after the war may not be just a coincidence, and may prove to have very far-reaching consequences. A story of many things, but primarily of healing. SS/HG; rated M for later chapters. Complete.
313349 words in 43 chapters
published 2010-12-22 15:28:45, updated 2011-05-12 12:53:00

#297 - Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2 by SeerKing

Uzumaki Naruko has just graduated from the Konohagakure Ninja Academy after defeating Toji Mizuki when her apartment is blown up. Fortunately, she receives a new home thanks to a little known Clan Law dating back to the time of the Nidaime Hokage. Yuri Harem. Weapon Mistress and Chakra Chain Naruko. Now has a TVTropes Page! That needs to be updated!
397359 words in 48 chapters
published 2014-09-29 11:20:27, updated 2023-11-08 13:43:10

#298 - Distress Calls Can Go A Long Way by mp3.1415player

A spinoff from my Worm story 'Distance Learning for Fun and Profit', which has become large enough to split out as a separate thing. Also to stop people complaining… :) Note that you'll probably need to read the original story to make it make sense, and having a working knowledge of Worm is most likely also required.
74158 words in 10 chapters
published 2021-07-25 23:57:06, updated 2021-11-16 03:45:07

#299 - Harry Potter and the Egger Route by dogbertcarroll

The Dursleys leave Harry in his cupboard, but will he be there when they get home? Well… no, otherwise we wouldn't have a story. Harry Potter changes genres from Juvenile Fantasy to Space Opera!
64002 words in 23 chapters
published 2020-10-18 02:29:16, updated 2024-05-13 07:44:02

#300 - NO CHILL! (High School DxD - Human Self Insert) by Silver W. King

[NSFW] - NO CHILL! (High School DxD - Human Self Insert) by Silver W. King
72175 words in 21 chapters
published 2023-07-06 08:46:00, updated 2023-08-19 11:24:00

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